Brian’s K Series Hatch Update~

Got the exhaust system fit up today on Brian’s car. Coming together pretty well, the intercooler pipes will be getting built here shortly.

Brian's K20

K20 2.5" Exhaust

K20 Burns Resonator

Brian wanted his exhaust system to have a quarter panel exit. We decided to add a Burns resonater that is removable for tuning the sound of the vehicle. A custom exhaust tunnel will be adapted after final fit of exhaust and sent back to paint…..

Burns Resinator

K20 Factory tunnel Fit

Brian's EK Exhaust

Brian’s car is using an RCI fuel cell so we are utilizing the factory fuel pump assembly location for exhaust flow….

Brian's EK D.O.C. 2.5"

EK Burn's Muffler

The exhaust system also includes a Burns Stainless Muffler just before exit….

Burn's 2.5"

A custom plating will be done to the quarter panel upon completion of this system for heat purposes. We put a slash cut on the tip for a nice oval exit…

EK Side Exit

D.O.C. Teardrop

Quarter Panel Exit Civic


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