Brian’s K20 Turbo Civic Update~

Started installing some of the D.O.C. K20 Turbokit components on Brian’s beast. Got the manifold, downpipe, turbo and wastegate mounted. Working on the dumptube and putting the whole exhaust on next; i’ll be sure to update the side Exit exhaust fitment! Did some trimming and mounting to fit his D.O.C. Frontmount intercooler…

Brian's EK

Bumper Support Intercooler trim

Bumper Support

Brian's Frontmount Fitment

Brian wanted to retain as much of the bumper support as possible so we trimmed it to fit the tanks and get it as high as possible. Unfortunately with the great fitment it turned out we had to cut more out and raise the intercooler in order to clear the C west front bumpers lower edge.

Brian EK Frontmount

Frontmount EK

Brian's EK Intercooler Mounted

Fitment is still good and will be efficient with the final modifications. Going to be starting on the rest of the intercooler kit next week and mounting the rest of the exhaust system….

Brian's Muffler

Brian's K20 Exhaust System


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