DOC Race S13 Update~

This car has been a project for sometime now. A lot of important people to me have been involved in the build process and it has became a very important piece of art to some people. Like ANY car it will never be DONE, but it has been in design for over 6 years now. The first 2 years it was in a certain direction and then plans changed so the overall goals of the vehicle switched gears. Now it’s been transformed in a direction that really wouldn’t make sense to most people who look at it, but it’s a hand crafted project that has produced and executed a lot of my wildest ideas and tastes striving to be something that can be enjoyed in ANY aspect of driving a car!

Tyler's S13

T.O.D. S13

T.O.D. S13 front

Tyler's S13 Enginebay

Throughout building this car which started back in August of 2004 I had a dream of building something I could allow myself to push beyond the limits of your typical bolt-on car. While attaining parts and having plans for what was going to happen with the build I switched gears from wanting to USE this car to compete in competitions and competitive driving. Reason being was one day I woke-up and realized “shit I put so much money into this car I wouldn’t want someone to wreck into it (which is most likely going to happen) and I don’t want to be OBLIGATED to use this car for track purpose only?!” Turning this car into a track only car is what really turned me away from going competition STYLE on the build so that potentially created a problem for me. I come up with some crazy ideas and all of my friends are right there beside me pushing me to execute them so it turned into a completely custom car including every single part around it!

S13 V-mount Modifications

A lot of cutting, trimming and plating has been involved in getting components where I wanted them to be. Even going as far as making custom powersteering brackets, custom reservoirs, custom alternator brackets, turbo plumbing, fuel system, dimple-died frame support, custom S13 Silvia headlight brackets, etc. etc. the list goes on for days.

S13 Tomahawk Ovaled

4″ Tomahawk exhaust system is what I came up with exiting the billet PT67mm with a Q exhaust wheel. It’s been adapted into a 4″ Burns oval setup that we @ D.O.C. Race have customized to clear the LHD steering shaft and then adapt into a 4″ V-band for a 2 piece system.

Tomahawk T.O.D.

After the V-band it then tucks upward towards the frame into a 4″ horizontal oval for ground clearance purposes and then into a custom cut tunnel adapted through the catalytic converter tunnel….

Tomahawk Tunnel Cut

Tomahawk Tunnel Bottom

The tunnel has some more finishing to be completed but the car is currently in bodywork and paint stages. I Modified a front subframe which will be installed when the car is out of paint, my S14 modified rear subframe with SPL solid risers will be installed also. Both subframes are almost completed going out to get blasted and powdercoated before install…..

S13 Front Subframe Steering Rack Mod

The front subframe has been modified for the steering rack fitment so that the car can achieve maximum steering angle without over-centering…..

S14 Rear Subframe

The S14 rear subframe is ideal for achieving better anti-squat creating more rear traction. I also added lots of bracing and a differential plate to strengthen the differential mounting section of the subframe.

Going back to the performance end of things; to complement the whole design of the V-mount turbo setup we designed a custom intake manifold that plugs directly into the custom cut intercooler core. This intake manifold was designed specifically for this setup including turbo, engine, cylinder-head to maximize the ability of ALL the components. I am currently running just over 9:1 Pistons with Crower rods and a completely balanced shortblock. The cylinder head was built by JUN Auto with their extreme porting process including their full titanium valvetrain system. 272 JUN camshafts are atop all of this with JUN adjustable camgears for proper cam degree settings upon tuning.

S13 Custom Intake Manifold

S13 Front Engine Bay

A custom dual-pass Ron Davis radiator was built specifically for this V-mount setup to maximize cooling in the heat of battle.

S13 Radiator

The fuel system was upgraded to a 17gallon fuel cell for the E85/E98 consumption volume. Also an external Magnafuel Protuner 625 pump with all -8an braided lines plumb fuel to the Injector Dynamics 2200cc top feed injectors…..

S13 Fuel System

ID 2200cc Injectors

Currently the S13 is having lots of modification to the body to accept it’s potential stance…

S13 On it's way

S13 Makeover

The car has already been fitted with 30mm widebody front fenders and a vented hood to be ducted for proper V-mount ventilation. Everything has been modified for proper fitment and the front fenders currently were pushed all the way to 75mm wide for wheel clearance. The S13 is running SSR Professor MS1’s 17×10 in the front with an 18×11 in the rear..

S13 Fenders

S13 Front Primed


S13 Fitted

You best believe this will be a fully functioning vehicle with power everything and a full navigation system with amps and a Boston 13.5 inch sub…..

So that’s about where everything is at to date. I will update as soon as we start working on the custom sheet-metal flares in the rear. The brakes have been sent out for some D.O.C. powdercoat touches……

S13 Gran Turismo Calipers

Brembo Caliper Teardown

Be sure to check back in for updates as everything comes together. I’ll be sure to have dyno video’s, street video’s, pictures, etc.

S13 Side Halfway Done

Brian Grinding Away


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