D.O.C. Turbo 350Z~

We have always offered a little bit of everything as far as manifolds go. It’s time to put our knowledge into something that can be a complete focus to our design and fabrication abilities. We have a new addition to the family which is the D.O.C. 350Z…..


D.O.C. 350Z Drifting

We are dedicating our production focus towards this vehicle the rest of the year and going into 2012! We have big plans for this vehicle and don’t be surprised if there is a complete turbo-kit and Titanium goodies such as a full exhaust and cat deletes by next spring. We have already sized a 67mm turbo to start gathering the proper materials and getting a prototype kit underway. In the meantime all of your D.O.C. goods are still an arms reach away having many manifold styles in-stock and fast turnaround times for build to order items!

D.O.C. Products

Soon we will have all of our in-house intercooler cores in our store. If you want one feel free to call and get a price quote on our core we use the best raw cores, from extreme turbo systems and build our intanks in-house. 503-473-1763 FOR PRICING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D.O.C. Intercoolers


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