PARC Drift Event~

We went to checkout a local event that they do some drifting on a go kart track. Supposedly a tiny track but anything that allows you to go out and have a great time LEGALLY and slide around that isn’t very far from home D.O.C. is in! The track was actually a blast! A lot of cool people at the Pat’s Acres complex and basically as much drifting as you can do. We were having trouble getting enough speed in the Supra to get proper cooling through the V mounted radiator being we weren’t running a fan (the car is usually well over 2nd gear speeds and doesn’t have cooling problems). Other then that we brought out the 350Z to slide around a little bit while the Supra cooled down. Got a couple good runs in but had an unfortunate incident with one of the tires. It didn’t just shred or blow; it literally separated completely from the inner tube top of third gear on the tight back section destroying the rear diffuser and waxing the whole driver side of the car! We’ll get her all fixed up and make sure to remove the diffuser next time or atleast monitor how fast this thing shreds tires!

D.O.C. Race Supra Drift

Supra PARC Drift

D.O.C. Z PARC Drift

D.O.C. Supra PARC

D.O.C. Supra PARC

Supra Diffuser

D.O.C. 350Z @ PARC

Until next time..thanks LOKI we had a blast!


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