B Series Topmount A/C and P/S Update!

We have completed the fit of the B series V band Topmount manifold for AMR Andy’s civic coupe. This setup has been designed to retain air conditioning and power steering while still allowing maximum capability of the turbocharger. We have fit the 44mm wastegate and 3″ downpipe and are finishing up the welds on all of the components including a recirculated dumptube!

D.O.C. Topmount A/C and P/S

The dump tube is going to follow the downpipe and then be recirculated into the exhaust towards the bottom.

D.O.C. Topmount

All of the fitment has been finalized and is in the final welding stages including the dumptube and downpipe combo. We will be sure to update this project as it is completed. This is one of the very few cars that is Topmount running A/C and P/S that I have ever even herd of on the streets! Sure to catch much attention upon completion and not just for looks…it actually moves!

Andy's Civic A/C and P/S Front

Also Andy’s car is Right-hand drive with a very clean interior revamp.

AMR Andy Civic Interior


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