HPF Twinturbo M3~

D.O.C. has continued to work with Horsepower Freaks on there production twinturbo kit for the BMW M3. This kit has been designed around the RHD chassis since there isn’t anything available with the limited amount of space. The M3 turbokit will be available for left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles utilizing twin GT22 turbo’s. D.O.C. has built the manifolds for this kit and designed some prototype O2 housings to fit the GT22 with v-band downpipes.

D.O.C. GT22 Outlet

E46 Twinturbo RHD

Keep an eye out for this kit in the next few months on http://www.horsepowerfreaks.com with the prototype kit being put to the test shortly! John over at HPF has been working with us on our Supra and we got it running very crisp and drivable looking at doing a full-throttle on Thursday. We are planning on taking the Supra out to a local event for some drifting on July 10th so we look forward to getting the car buttoned up this week!

D.O.C. Supra @ HPF


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