D.O.C. Supra Moonlight Tuning~

A very late night calibrating the D.O.C. Supra. Big thanks to John Truong over at Horsepower Freaks for insisting to make huge tuning progress lastnight..

D.O.C. Supra @ HPF

D.O.C. Supra Tuning Sesh

After hours of calibrations, fuel pressure dialing and 1000cc injector idle adjustments we got her pretty dialed and took her out for some road adjustments. We’re holding 25lbs solid right now but have some final adjustments to make to get everything copacetic for cold start and a few areas of drivability. With the clock hitting 1:15am we were done for the night; I made an attempt to get some type of pull on video. It was too dark to see with my Contour HD but we felt rewarded from the nights indeavor! Daytime D.O.C. Supra video’s coming soon..


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