One Click Whip~

D.O.C. Race has years of experience in the design and execution of exhaust manifolds. Over all of these years of trying different ways to make manifolds we have learned the best possible way to do it. We have found the best possible system of doing this in a production fashion while retaining a top quality product that will hands down make the most horsepower. We haven’t been spoiled with some of the top level computer software to do the design; but we have built it in every way possible and HAVE been spoiled with the best tuning capabilities available. Putting products to the test is so much more groundbreaking then typing formulas on the forums. We have a passion for creative and functional design which you will not find that combination from very many fabrication facilities. We strive to have the best product and do NOT cut any corners when doing so. The future of D.O.C. Race is inevitably endless…

D.O.C. Collage

D.O.C. Race makes high quality turbo manifolds for a wide range of vehicles but has recently been in projection of a complete turbo-kit package for select vehicles. Personally we all have different areas of expertise and passion but are working this into a whole for a top level one click whip turbo-kit. Something that you can purchase on our website with one click and not have to track down any other components. We want to bottle our knowledge and quality into something that you can bolt-on to your car and have un-parallel performance. No piece together kit which leaves you with faulty parts that end up having to be purchased a second time around or poorly perform not allowing the vehicle to operate at it’s full potential. We have the ability to create not only the best manifolds, but the very best intercoolers available today! Our next complete kit will be logged and up for sale on our website…..

D.O.C. V Mount Supra


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