Work It Out~

Grittin and grindin to get you the best possible manifold available is what has to happen and has continued to happen this year at D.O.C. Race. If extra time is necessary to get things taken care of it’s put in. We’re currently working on a few project cars striving to have a top quality COMPLETE turbo-kit on the market. We still have all of your individual manifold needs covered and capable of record breaking performance..

GP Studying his sign..

Everyone that is a part of the D.O.C. Race team is completely dedicated to settle for nothing less then the best. Throughout our family of talented souls we cover every area of performance from knowledge, experience and creativity beyond any big brain scientists abilities.

Young Grasshopper Veiwing Danathon

“Be a part of our team and there will never be a dull moment in your life of performance and friendship.” -T.O.D.


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