Supra Fuel System~

Were working on a putting dual Denso fuel pumps in the Supra so we can get this thing fully tuned and see what the GT40R has to offer. Brendan removed the pump assembly and is working on installing a -10AN bulkhead so we can plumb the fuel lines up front to the Magnafuel regulator…

We drilled out the factory feed on the pump assembly to install the -10AN bulkhead…

Brendan Fuel Assembly

Supra Assembly

Supra Fuel Tank

With the new feed line drawing from twin Supra Denso pumps we will have plenty of fuel to run the GT40 to it’s limit. Injector Dynamic 2200cc injectors will be next matched with the D.O.C. Intake Manifold and fuelrail. Were curious to see the outcome with the 1000cc injectors in it now. We’ll make sure to update with the dyno tuning completed!

Supra Interior

D.O.C. Supra

D.O.C. Supra Back

Supra Engine Bay


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