Horsepower Freaks Twinturbo E46~

Working with Horsepower Freaks on a twinturbo E46 M3 turbokit this last few weeks has been pretty fresh, we’ll update pictures once the go ahead is given on final production from HPF. They have been in the works of designing a complete twinturbo kit for the E46 available for the Right-hand drive consumers in consideration of the super tight engine compartment on the driverside(RHD) of this M3 chassis. HPF has asked D.O.C. to design the turbo manifolds and turbo outlets for this kit to match there existing design fitted with twin GT22 turbo’s.

E46 Twinturbo RHD

E46 Manifolds

The release date for this kit hasn’t been set yet. We are still working on the turbo outlets to get the downpipes completed and then this first production car will be dynotuned at HPF. The kit will be also be available for the Left-hand drive M3 for someone searching for a very responsive vehicle still capable of over 500hp..


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