D.O.C. Supra Out of Hibernation~

The sun has decided to grace our presents this last week. D.O.C. remembered there was a Supra sitting in the garage; got kinda easy to forget about her all covered up with leave’s from last fall/winter. We put together a new top mount manifold for the 2J and added another wastegate to it to control the GT40R for the summertime…

D.O.C. 2J Exhaust

We have been working so hard on customer products that we decided to spend a little time on our shop cars for a change. The S13 heads off to the body shop next week and we put the Supra back together lastnight so we can have a little bit of fun….

D.O.C. Supra

D.O.C. V mount Supra

The uprgraded intake plenum was re-installed onto the Supra until we get the Injector Dynamic 2200cc injectors to put our Top Feed rail with the D.O.C. Intake Manifold and 90mm throttle body combination…

D.O.C. Supra Work

D.O.C. V mount MKIV

Were going to install the front wastegate tonight; hook-up the exhaust and button up a few other things so she’s operational again. There’s still TONS of work to get the car “done” but it will be nice to have one of our family members back in commission so we can start nit picking the small stuff!

D.O.C. 40R

D.O.C. Supra 4" Downpipe

D.O.C. Supra Manifold

See everyone next weekend at the VIP Performance BBQ!!!!!!!


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