Ready For Summer!

Over here grindin’ away on manifolds as usual getting ready for summer. Still got some work to do on the Supra since we’ve been using it for mocking up manifolds all winter! A quick weekend and she’ll be looking good again; about ready to send the S13 off to the paint shop after we get the windows pulled out and the new subframes put in…………

D.O.C. S13

D.O.C. S13

Should have everything done at the same time when going to the paintshop. Can’t get ahold of Earl to give me my last two fittings for my cooling system! Triple back-ordered on me then cancelled my order after I finished 3/4 of my cooling system! Don’t know what im going to do about that since I want to keep everything the same size and color plus there the only one’s that make -24AN fittings?! Earl if your out there; help me get this thing done dude……………..

D.O.C. JUN S13


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