Keep It Busy…MR2 Top Mount Manifold?!

A lot of things to do while were still setting up the new shop! Production hasn’t been affected given the juggling of machinery and additions. Still doing work but were all really excited about the new work area and getting every how we want it! Dan working on mini- ramhorn collectors today……….

The new D.O.C. Race designed manifold for the 3SGTE engine in the MR2! We are looking forward to the completed version of this piece specifically because there isn’t a whole lot of options for MR2 guys out there. The MR2 is a really sought after chassis considering it’s track capabilities and it’s body styling! We are currently finishing our top mount turbo manifold design that will be hosting a GT30 sized turbine but definitely not limited to only that size…..

We will have updates of the completed manifold installed on our D.O.C. sponsored MR2 shortly!!


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