When creating a D.O.C. Race manifold there are many different steps involved until you get the finished product. We are very specific to these steps and follow them religiously in order to stand behind our products and get maximum performance and life out of them. One of these steps is the porting process which is applied to every re-enforced area of the manifold including the collector flange area and also each runner port directly out of the cylinder head…..

Throughout this porting process we use a variety of different tooling in order to get the smooth finish in the different areas. This process can be very tedious and time consuming but is one of the reasons our manifolds are top quality and make the most horsepower…

Including the porting process; we are very specific about our flanges making sure they are true so there will be no exhaust flow lost and have ease of installation. We have a process during construction and welding so the flanges don’t get warped and go over each flange to make sure they are perfect to begin with….


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