D.O.C. Race Steering Angle Wuhh?!

Getting all the possible steering angle while maintain proper steering feel seems to be a huge dilemma and/or envy among the drifting community. A lot of the principles in executing the proper adjustments in suspension components is sometimes overlooked, aside from a select few of company’s that have done the proper research in developing products to execute these adjustments. There are many different modifications that have proven to be affective and still cater to the road racing community not just the drift inspired builds. These two types of chassis setups tend to compare to each other in stiffness/flex of suspension components and chassis brackets, desired camber/toe/caster settings and possible corrections in any of these areas. The Drift cars tend to be a little more aggressive (along with preference of course) with spring rates and radical alignment adjustments to give the car a trenchant feel for aggressive turn in capability and pulling out of the highest angle drifts possible. In any aspect of suspension performance these components need to be modified OR created with the intention of possible overload. D.O.C. Race has been very interested in this area of development and has begun design of an all around steering knuckle that is giving benefits to super dumped ride height, steering ackerman adjustments and most importantly the general strength of the complete steering knuckle. Following is a few pictures of a factory spindle that has been cut showing the amount of machining that is involved in the process of creating such a factory piece. This specific piece is based from the S13 chassis, 89-93 Nissan 240sx as of the D.O.C. Race Combat Vehicle’s.

In this specific picture you can see the amount of machine work that is involved in creating such a piece not just for production fitment, but most importantly SAFETY! Kid’s don’t try cutting these at home………

There’s nothing more important than having your vehicle perform at it’s highest level of capacity especially when your on point and in the moment of battle. Doing this creates a lot of stress on many different things including your passengers and/or other spectators getting hit with possible debris. Make sure you can execute all of this while being as safe as possible while your on the absolute limit!

-D.O.C. Race


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