D.O.C. Race 13B RX7 Turbo Manifold~

D.O.C. Race love’s the seven’s. The intimate sound of engine harmonics; the performance of great suspension and perfect weight balance due to impeccable throttle response in rotation of the engines components. If you have never been in, or driven any slightly OR highly modified RX7 then you haven’t opened your palette up to one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life! We truly do just love the capability of these chassis and engines. The demand for pushing the limits of this specific make has been exploited by numerous different enthusiasts in the racing industry’s all over the world. We strive to perfect the performance of the 13B by designing a wonderful (Preferably large frame) single turbo upgrade exhaust manifold to get your project underway and have the capabilities in any area that the Mazda RX7 can participate which is pretty much limitless so you can understand the R&D involved. Heat is so crucial with these vehicles especially with EGT’s that it really does need to be addressed beyond the design of the manifold including heat shields, ceramic coating and/or any type of temperature precaution that can be involved in your build. How competitive these vehicles (and engines) are in the track racing scene stress the fact that heat is just as important as performance. We want to deliver nothing less than a perfect exhaust manifold to push the limits of your 13B engine allowing you to address every other aspect of your vehicle so that you can enjoy your experiences and just plain split everyone else’s wigs. 20B version soon to be released………….

13B Turbo Manifold


13B Close-up

13B Manifold D.O.C. Race edition SNEAKS!






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