SR20DET Intake Manifold beginning production!


The SR20DET engine is a sought after engine for many different applications. D.O.C. Race has a very large interest in this platform and currently uses this engine in our S13 chassis street/track car. We are designing an intake manifold to be competitively priced while still offering the capability of high boost intake flow and allow an array of throttle body choices for your specific needs such as the popular Q45 throttle body. This intake manifold is currently hosting a group buy but may be purchased directly through D.O.C. Race or made to order. Completion of plenum and throttle body will be posted shortly.

D.O.C. Intake Manifold flange
D.O.C. Race Intake Manifold flange straight view
D.O.C. Intake Manifold Runners
D.O.C. Race Intake Manifold Runners

D.O.C. Race has completed there custom V mount setup intake manifold utilizing a 75mm throttle body. This specific design is a one-off design and will not be the design used as our standard SR20DET intake manifold. If custom is needed contact D.O.C. Race through email or phone @

D.O.C. Race S13 Combat Vehicle


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