Welcome to the D.O.C. blog!

D.O.C. Race is an aspiring company in the High Performance industry that will be a household name among speed and swag addicts here in the Northwest. We are bleeding the streets throughout the entire country but definitely hit home here along the west. Our focus is heavily directed towards building top quality turbo manifolds for various vehicles including but not limited too Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda street and race bred vehicles. Our fabrication capabilities are well beyond building just turbo manifolds though; we offer a range of hand crafted goodies that are made to order to suite any of your performance needs. The custom intake manifolds are becoming very popular for various turbocharged applications. We enjoy trying the untried and pushing the limits of our personal vehicles to show everyone what D.O.C. is really about! Keep tabs on us to monitor some of our various project updates and let us know what you guys and girls think about our work, or just check it out for yourself.

D.O.C. Race 2jz intake manifold.

This is our 2jz twin scroll turbo manifold.


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